Run in the Dark 2022
10 Nov 2022 Read Time: < 1
Run in the Dark 2022

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03 Nov 2022 Read Time: 3 mins
CCTV Systems for Hotels in Ireland

Something that most of us take for granted when we stay i...

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18 Oct 2022 Read Time: 3 mins
CCTV Systems for Schools in Ireland

At MJ Flood Security, we install and manage CCTV systems ...

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01 Oct 2022 Read Time: 2 mins
Cloud CCTV

Have you heard about Cloud CCTV? Cloud CCTV is a video su...

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MJ Flood Security alarm maintenance
25 Sep 2022 Read Time: 4 mins
How monitored alarm systems work and why your business sh...

It is surprising today that still many Intruder and Burgl...

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08 Sep 2022 Read Time: 5 mins
Intercom System: How To Make The Right Choice

There’s no doubt that installing an access control interc...

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