MJ Flood Security HKC App

MJ Flood Security in partnership with HKC


Established in 1990, HKC is a trusted brand for Professional Installers in both Ireland and the UK providing electronic wired and wireless intruder alarm equipment to Professional Installers.

HKC manufactures a complete range of feature rich intruder equipment with consistent programming, excellent technical support and installers have access to the SecureComm Cloud Solution supporting both End User and Installer Apps.



A wide range of devices are available to protect the home using a mix of perimeter shock and contact sensors with internal motion sensors. Shock sensors provide an early warning of a potential break-in.

Why HKC?


  • Set / Unset Alarm
  • Push & Audible Notifications
  • Receive / Request images from Motion Sensors (PIR) Camera
  • Virtual Keypad
  • Check Logs
  • Control lights / heating / CCTV
  • Integrate with CCTV system

HKC Alarm

  • Easy to Use
  • Voice Annunciation for all commands
  • LCD Display
  • Part Set capability – protects while in the property
  • No Wires, No Hassle Install
  • Range of Life Safety Devices
  • RF FOB for Duress and easy set/unset

Types of Protection available and detector functions

HKC manufacture a complete range of intrusion devices that detect attempted or actual intrusion. Devices typically fall into two categories – Perimeter such as Contact or Shock sensors which detect attempted or forced entry on a door or window and Trap Protection such as motion sensor (PIR) which will detect the presence of an intruder.

Perimeter Protection is where a building is protected with devices located on external doors and windows.

Trap Protection. This type of protection comprises devices internal to the building such as motion detectors and is more suitable to a building which is unoccupied while the system is armed.

The ideal protection is a combination of both whereby the perimeter of the property is protected to ensure early detection and warning of intrusion attempts.


Commercial and Larger Properties

Use HKC’s SecureWatch wired or SecureWave hybrid platforms to protect larger properties. HKC’s innovative RF Expander Architecture makes it easy to overcome range issues in larger buildings or sites with multiple buildings.

The RF-Expander can be used to transfer signals from RF end devices (e.g. RF-PIR, RF-SABB etc.) to the control panel. It can be used in situations where the signal strength is below the required level.
It can be connected to the control panel via the Keypad (RKP) bus or connected to the panel wirelessly. When working wirelessly, it does not degrade the end-device battery life. 3 units can be operated in wireless mode per system plus an additional 12 wired to the bus.