As security cameras become more common in both public and private areas, people are getting more concerned about video recording and privacy.

To help protect people’s privacy and address regulations, privacy redaction solutions are emerging across the security industry.  MJ Flood Security can offer GDPR-compliant video redaction services throughout Ireland for your business and/or home CCTV Systems.

Right now, many CCTV cameras, NVRs, and DVRs support a privacy masking function, which blurs selected regions, faces, or bodies in the recorded video to prevent unwelcome exposure, ensuring all GDPR legislations are met.

MJ Flood Security’s privacy redaction solution offers a dynamic masking function that can automatically mask unrelated faces and bodies in a remote live feed or during playback from any media or CCTV brand. Masking sensitive areas and objects is added during the video-export phase to provide users with flexible functionality. They can select all targets or just a few specific targets for redaction, and they can define a fixed area for redaction as well.

All CCTV data given to MJ Flood Security is taken away and will be stored securely whilst the redaction process takes place.

CCTV Redaction is a service now available to all existing clients, and we can carry out this work at your premises or home if requested rather than taking away the footage.

We can provide CCTV redaction in the following areas:

  • Pixelated face(s), license plates, and house numbers
  • Blur out any identifiable objects/ features
  • Any information that will identify a person
  • Nudity