Licence Plate Detection

License plate recognition (LPR), also known as automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), is a technology that allows cameras to capture images of license plates on vehicles and convert them into digital text for further analysis. The system uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to extract characters, the extracted data can then be compared with a database of license plates to identify the vehicle and its owner.

Hikvision has developed advanced algorithms that can accurately identify multiple types of number plates. Their number plate reader cameras are widely applicable worldwide, with a recognition accuracy of over 95 percent.

The key features of Hikvision’s Number Plate Reader technology include the ability to extract license plates from complex backgrounds, distinguish and recognise individual characters on the plate, and reformat the plate information. The technology comprises of plate locating, character partitioning, and character recognition.

Main Features

Features of Hikvision’s ANPR Cameras:

  • Utilises advanced machine learning algorithms and image processing techniques for highly accurate recognition
  • Occupies minimal resources
  • Has high recognition efficiency
  • Can operate round-the-clock and is minimally affected by weather conditions
  • Supports a wide range of languages including Arabic numeric, English characters, and others
  • Applicable globally

Despite the many benefits, there are also concerns about privacy. LPR / ANPR cameras capture images of every vehicle that passes through their field of view, regardless of whether the vehicle is associated with any criminal activity. This means that innocent drivers can be subject to surveillance and monitoring without their knowledge or consent.

Hikvision ANPR-Licence-Plate-Detection_Automatic-Gate

LPR technology has a wide range of applications, including law enforcement, traffic management, and parking enforcement. For instance, in law enforcement, LPR systems can be used to quickly identify vehicles that are associated with criminal activities or wanted suspects. Police departments can use LPR technology to monitor the movements of suspects, track their whereabouts, and identify any vehicles that they may be using.

In traffic management, LPR technology can be used to monitor traffic flow and identify potential bottlenecks. This information can then be used to optimise traffic light timings, adjust speed limits, and implement other measures to reduce traffic congestion and improve safety. LPR systems can also be used for parking enforcement, such as identifying vehicles parked in no-parking zones or for longer than the allowed time.

Features and benefits of a Licence Plate Detection system:


  • Ensures the safety of vehicles and drivers
  • Visualises data analyses of vehicles


  • Records vehicle license plates, images, and video
  • Includes a block-list alarm
  • Can count and analyse vehicles

In addition to the above applications, LPR technology has become increasingly popular in the field of security. For example, LPR systems can be installed at the entrances to restricted areas, and vehicles passing through can be compared against a whitelist of authorised vehicles. If an unauthorised vehicle is detected, the system can automatically alert security personnel or deny access to the area.

License plate recognition technology has become an essential tool in various industries and organisations. Its ability to quickly and accurately read license plates has made it a valuable tool for law enforcement, traffic management, parking enforcement, toll collection, and security. As technology continues to advance, we can expect LPR /ANPR systems to become even more effective and versatile in the future.

Hikvision ANPR Cark Park_Licence Plate Detection Camera

One of the primary benefits of LPR systems in hospitals is the ability to quickly and accurately identify vehicles that have permission to park in designated areas (A&E). Hospitals can use LPR cameras to scan license plates of vehicles entering the parking facility, and then cross-reference the plate numbers with a database of authorised vehicles, from delivery vehicle to a private consultant.

LPR systems can also provide valuable data insights to hospitals, allowing them to track parking usage and trends. Hospitals can use this information to optimise parking layouts, adjust pricing structures, and plan future parking facility expansions.

  • LPR / ANPR technology is an important tool for many industries and organisations.

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