MJ Flood Security's Smart Home with NXP

Our smart building technologies will deliver a truly seamless experience that allows the customer to optimise workplace flow. Our solutions will not only improve the security, safety, and user experience but also support the sustainability goals of the organisation.


Destination Lift System

Unlike conventional lift control systems which only register the desired travel direction, our destination control system takes into account desired destination floors and the number of waiting passengers to significantly improve efficiency and convenience.

Visitor Management Systems

A simple visitor management system combines technology, security, communication, and analytics. Our systems are flexible, customisable, and can integrate with other workplace systems and applications.


Managed Print Integration

We can integrate with your Managed Print Services using your access control or identification credentials to access and use printing systems. This adds a level of control to printing that reduces cost and helps towards eliminating waste.

Security of your print environment is top of mind; our mobile printing and authentication integration allows you to print and retrieve documents at the wave of a mobile device using your mobile biometrics and facial recognition.


Workplace Optimisation

Increasingly, businesses seek to embed and integrate applications into everyday activities to create a positive working environment, improve building governance, and ensure optimum efficiency.

MJ Flood Security’s offering is tailor-made for businesses, universities, manufacturing facilities or any organisation seeking to optimise their workforce and streamline facility management.

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