MJ Flood Security Fire Alarm Panel

AtĀ MJ Flood Security, we install and support addressable and conventional fire systems for businesses in accordance with industry standards. We partner with leading fire and safety manufacturers to deliver the highest-quality systems, ensuring maximum safety.


Addressable Fire Alarm System

In an addressable fire alarm system, all components – from smoke detectors to sirens – are linked in a sophisticated network, with the control panel as the central hub. What sets addressable systems apart is their use of digital communication. Rather than relying on simple electrical currents, as conventional fire alarms do, addressable systems transmit detailed digital signals between devices.

This allows an addressable fire alarm system to transfer and process critical information to the control panel with a wider range of information. An addressable system can then pinpoint the exact location of smoke or fire, providing a quicker and more accurate alarm and increasing safety and reliability. In the case of first responders to a fire, every second counts.

MJ Flood Security designs commercial addressable systems that can be customised to your facility. Devices in specific facility areas can be programmed with different rules or limits based on location.

Typical devices on an addressable system include:

  • Heat detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Manual pull stations
  • Sprinkler system inputs
  • Standard pressure and flow control switches

Output devices on an addressable system include:

  • Audible warning relays
  • Door control relays
  • Auxiliary function control

These components of an addressable fire alarm system control a range of functions, including:

  • Opening or closing doors
  • Turning fans off or on
  • Activating notification appliances
  • Initiating fire suppression systems
  • Elevator recall to the designated floor

Conventional Business Fire Alarm System

Commercial conventional fire alarm systems are designed to meet the needs of a relatively small or low-cover system requirement. These systems offer a simple, cost-effective, and reliable solution for smaller business premises.

Nonintelligent fire alarm panels are an ideal solution for those seeking a fire alarm system that balances cutting-edge capabilities with simplicity. These panels provide a comprehensive suite of features that streamline installation, programming, and day-to-day use, making them a favourite among professionals and business owners.

Non-intelligent panels seamlessly integrate with a diverse array of detection and notification devices, allowing for customized fire safety solutions tailored to any building’s unique needs. These panels can handle everything from standard smoke and heat detectors to specialized equipment like beam detectors for large open spaces and duct-mounted units for HVAC systems. Manual call points ensure building occupants can quickly alert others in an emergency. At the same time, audible and visible alarm devices guarantee that everyone is notified when a threat arises.


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