Covert CCTV cameras, also known as hidden CCTV cameras, are surveillance devices designed to capture video footage without being easily detected.

These covert cameras are typically small and inconspicuous, often designed to blend in with their surroundings or disguised as everyday objects such as clocks, pens, or even smoke detectors.

Covert CCTV cameras are often used in a variety of settings, including homes, businesses, and public spaces, to monitor and record activity for security or surveillance purposes. They may be installed to deter theft or vandalism, prevent employee misconduct, or monitor suspicious activity.

One of the key benefits of covert CCTV cameras is their ability to capture video footage without drawing attention to themselves. This can be particularly useful in situations where overt surveillance might be deemed intrusive or unwanted. However, their covert nature also raises ethical concerns around privacy and the potential for abuse if not used responsibly.

Despite these concerns, covert CCTV cameras continue to be widely used in many industries and settings and are an important tool for maintaining safety and security in today’s society.



Covert Camera within a Fire Alarm         very small hidden Camera        Covert Camera hidden within a fire alarm water sprinkler             hidden Camera in a motion detector                Hidden CCTV Covert camera in a Junction box


The installation process for covert cameras is the same as for standard CCTV cameras, and they are connected to a DVR recorder. You can conveniently view recorded footage at your convenience, and live footage can also be streamed on your PC or mobile devices, such as an iPhone or iPad, without anyone’s knowledge.

We offer a variety of covert CCTV cameras, and you can find detailed information on each of them below. With our covert camera solutions, you can ensure the safety and security of your property and loved ones without drawing unwanted attention to your surveillance measures.