MJ Flood Security specialises in delivering a broad spectrum of Intercom Systems, emphasising superior quality, expert craftsmanship, extended product warranties, and dependable customer support. As a Registered Corporate Member of the Irish Security Industry Association (ISIA), we follow strict guidelines, and all our integration specialists hold the Private Security Authority certification.

Our Intercom System Services include:

All-In-One Indoor Station

Hikvision All in One Indoor Station

With Hikvision‘s cutting-edge technology, the Android-powered All-in-One Video Intercom Indoor Station offers comprehensive security control at your fingertips. This station allows users to handle intercom calls and unlock doors with a single click, and the built-in Hik-Connect app lets you remotely manage access. It combines video intercom, video security, and device control access in one convenient location.

For secure and effortless operation, the all-in-one station comes equipped with a gesture screen lock feature.

The All-In-One Indoor Station boasts a 10-inch IPS touchscreen with clear 1024 x 600 resolution. It includes a variety of features such as:

  • Wi-Fi and ethernet support for easy network connection setup
  • 4-Core SoC for enhanced performance
  • An open platform that supports third-party software integration
  • A new user interface

With the built-in Hik-Connect, you can easily manage your devices from the cloud platform on your local indoor station. Additionally, the open platform allows you to run third-party applications and expand the station’s potential use cases.

The integrated management system is equipped with Hik-Connect functionality for effortless device management. With the all-in-one indoor station, users can centrally manage video intercom, intrusion alarms, access control, IPCs, NVRs, and other Hikvision devices. Daily operations can be easily performed by users with a simple tap when entering or exiting, ensuring convenience.

Audio & Video Intercom Network System

With Hikvision’s video door entry system, you can easily see, talk, and respond to your doorbell through the Hik-Connect Mobile Application. The Audio/Video System comprises an outdoor video calling unit and an internal touchscreen tablet.

By implementing a video door entry system, you can screen visitors and allow access only where necessary, thereby enhancing the safety and security of your residential or commercial property. The tablet design incorporates a 1.3MP camera, a built-in microphone, and a speaker.

MJ Flood Security exclusively recommends top-tier intercom systems from reputable manufacturers that incorporate cutting-edge technology, high-quality components, and contemporary finishes.

Hikvision Two-Wire Video Intercom

The Two-Wire IP Video Intercom Bundle from Hikvision is among the limited number of IP solutions presently available in the market and provides a broader viewing angle compared to its competitors. With 2 MP, IR and night vision, CCTV integration, and an IP65 rating, the bundle boasts some of the most resilient specifications accessible to customers.

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The DS-KH8340-TCE2 two-wire IP indoor station, equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, facilitates hands-free communication with door and master stations, and includes noise suppression and echo cancellation features. It integrates video intercom and access control functionalities, and allows for remote call answering and unlocking through the Hik-Connect smartphone App.

Features of the DS-KH8340-TCE2:

  • Hands-Free Audio-visual Communication with the Door Station and the Master Station in the Intercom System
  • Supports the Monitoring of Door Stations and External Cameras
  • Supports Auto-Answering and Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Noise Suppression and Echo Cancellation
  • Supports 8-ch Zone Alarm Input
  • Supports Panic Call
  • Remote Unlocking via the Client
  • Convenient Installation and Easy Operation


The DS-KAD709 is a unified unit that provides power to both indoor and outdoor stations. Its two-wire interface and adaptable network interface can sustain up to five devices and one external switch.

Features of the DS-KAD 709:

  • Supports Up to Five Two-Wire Stations
  • (2 Outdoor Stations Maximum)
  • One 10/100M Self-Adaptive Network Interface to Support External Switch
  • 24 VDC Power Supply and Communications between Door Stations and Indoor Station
  • Industrial Design and DIN Rail Mount Supported

The IP bundle simplifies cabling, allows for long transmission distances, and delivers a plug-and-play feature set with flexible mounting options.

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Hikvision Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

MJ Flood Security can help protect your residential or commercial property from unwanted guests by providing quality installation and maintenance services for intercom systems throughout Ireland. An intercom system is an effective way to screen all visitors and reduce the risk of welcoming in uninvited guests.

For those looking for advanced access control features, Hikvision’s Smart Doorbell Camera is a great option. With PIR motion detection, infrared night vision, Wi-Fi connectivity, and the ability to access on-demand streaming video and two-way audio via a mobile application, this doorbell camera provides convenient access control. It also boasts a 180-degree viewing angle, noise suppression, and echo cancellation, ensuring users have the best possible environment to make an informed access decision. Motion detection and voice prompts further support every possible scenario, providing users with the utmost convenience in managing front door activities.

Audio Intercom Systems

Comelit's entry phones and panels

Comelit entrance panels are aesthetically pleasing products inspired by the masters of modern architecture, adding a touch of elegance to the entrance of your property. They feature durable frames that exhibit their technological capabilities when necessary. The modular stainless-steel entrance panel is built to resist acts of vandalism.

These entrance panels come in two versions: an audio-only version and an audio/video version. A caller presses the outdoor call station button, which sends an electric tone to the intercom phone unit, operating on a traditional system with electronic calls and key functions.

Features of the Comelit entrance panels include two-way audio communication between the user and the visitor, unlocking the door with a single button push, easy installation with a single power supply, simple and reliable wired connections, and a convenient and attractive design.

The kit consists of a Mini-series door-entry phone and an external unit from the Extra series featuring one call button. The kit can be extended with an additional door-entry phone. The external unit can either be surface-mounted or flush-mounted using the kit’s supplied accessories.

Comelit Mini Internal Unit

  • Full-duplex hands-free door entry monitor with 4.3” 16/9 colour display
  • Commands with “Sensitive touch” technology and LED backlighting
  • Wall-mounted installation
  • Version for SBTOP 2-wire system
  • Contrast, brightness and ringtone volume adjustment and privacy control

If there is no cable between the external and internal unit, a wireless intercom may be a viable alternative. This cost-effective audio intercom solution is frequently installed alongside a CCTV camera for additional security at the front of your home or business.


Audio Intercom Systems for Multi-Units

This Comelit Powercode Intercom system is suitable if you require the ability to call different commercial units or families residing in separate apartment units from the external intercom door station.

Visitors can call the desired family or business by pressing the corresponding button, enabling them to communicate with the occupant and be granted access. This system also incorporates coded access, allowing occupants to enter their property by entering their unique code on the external intercom call station’s keypad.

MJ Flood Security can tailor the intercom system to meet the required number of users. The external call station can be either surface-mounted or flush-mounted, depending on the specific application.


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