MJ Flood Security CCTV Solutions

Protect your business with MJ Flood Security. Our innovative video surveillance solutions are suitable for multiple verticals and industries. We design, supply, install and maintain CCTV solutions to best suit your security needs.

The CCTV landscape is ever-evolving and is been driven by both advancements in technology and market demands. Today’s camera solutions are more powerful, more intelligent, and more secure. Next-generation CCTV systems have functions such as Appearance Search, Automated Number Plate Recognition, Facial Recognition, Analytics, AI, and Remote Access viewing as part of their feature set.

Using best-in-class and leading CCTV technology manufacturers, we can fit the right solution to the right requirement including design installation and maintenance of your CCTV solutions. Modern CCTV systems give you a complete 360 view of your facility, both inside and out.

There are many benefits to having an MJ Flood CCTV system, including:

  • Constant Protection: Security cameras provide 24/7 coverage of your business premises
  • Reduce Risk: Commercial CCTV acts as a deterrent meaning less chance of break-ins and vandalism
  • Protect Staff: Lone workers have the extra protection needed when on-site alone
  • Health and Safety: CCTV cameras can provide evidence of incidents on-site, including the cause
  • Time Management: Security cameras can be used to verify staff timekeeping
  • Commercial Analytics: Businesses can use CCTV to measure footfall numbers, understand the customer journey through a store and improve business efficiency

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