Date: 28/11/2023

What Are the Benefits of HKC Intruder Alarm Systems: Enhancing Security

HKC Alarm System touch panel, designed to be user friendly

HKC intruder alarm systems represent a significant development in securing properties against unauthorised access. They offer a sophisticated range of features that cater to both commercial and domestic needs, ensuring a comprehensive security solution. The systems are designed to be user-friendly, with clear audible and visual alerts that make operation straightforward for users of all levels of technical expertise. The integration of remote security tools, such as the HKC app, enables users to arm and disarm their systems conveniently from any location, providing peace of mind whether they are at home, at work or on holiday.

The versatility of HKC alarms is evident in the variety of products available, including both hybrid and fully wireless control panels that suit different property types and security requirements. These systems can accommodate a wide array of detectors and sensors, including motion, door and window sensors, and life safety devices such as smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors. With the capability for wireless connectivity, installation is generally hassle-free, avoiding extensive wiring and minimising disruption to the premises.

A notable feature of HKC alarm systems is the SecureComm service which allows users to securely connect to their alarms remotely. This feature offers additional convenience and control, letting users manage their security system from virtually any location via a smartphone or tablet. The addition of peripherals like IP communicators, keypads, and sounders further customises the security experience, ensuring that every HKC system can be tailored to meet specific protection needs effectively.

MJ Flood Security HKC App

Key Features of HKC Intruder Alarm Systems

HKC Intruder Alarm Systems provide a blend of convenience and security, with options to control systems through various means and the flexibility to integrate with smart home features. Here, the principal attributes are dissected to provide a clear understanding of what HKC offers.

  • Control Options

HKC boasts a user-friendly control panel that audibly notifies users of alarms and messages, while also displaying them clearly. This makes interacting with the system straightforward, whether one is turning it on or off, all through an app which is compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

  • Integration with Smart Home Automation

The HKC app extends beyond simple control to offer comprehensive home automation features. Users can manage lights, heating, and gates, tailoring their home environment for comfort and energy efficiency. The capacity to schedule automation sequences adds another layer of user convenience.

  • Wireless and Wired System Flexibility

HKC provides a security solution that adapts to different needs with both wireless and wired systems. Their Quantum 70 is a wireless set-up suitable for quick and easy installation, while the SW 10270 model supports a hybrid approach, accommodating both wired and wireless detectors.

  • SecureComm Cloud Platform

With HKC’s SecureComm Cloud service, users gain remote access from anywhere, giving them the freedom to connect to their alarm system from their bed or across continents via their smartphone. This feature ensures continuous connectivity and security for the user’s property.


Enhanced Security with HKC’s Technologies

Safety and Compliance with HKC

HKC’s Intruder Alarm Systems incorporate state-of-the-art technologies designed to offer robust security measures for both residential and commercial premises. They deliver a comprehensive solution for intrusion detection and prevention through a variety of innovative features.

Innovative Detection Capabilities

HKC alarm systems include a suite of detection devices capable of identifying unauthorised access with precision. Key components include:

  • Motion Sensors: Utilise infrared technology to detect movement within the protected premises.
  • Window Sensors: Attach to window frames to trigger an alarm when unauthorised opening occurs.
  • Sounders: Produce a high-decibel alert upon detection of a potential intruder, serving to deter and indicate the presence of an unauthorised entry.

Advanced Control Panel Functions

The control panel, being the heart of any HKC Alarm System, offers sophisticated functions:

  • User Zone Configuration: Allows partitioning of the premises into different zones for focused security.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Sends instant notifications to authorised personnel, aiding in swift incident response.

SecureWave Wireless Technology

SecureWave, HKC’s proprietary wireless technology, enhances the system’s reliability through:

  • Dual Frequency Transmission: Mitigates interference, ensuring consistent communication between devices.
  • Encryption: Safeguards signals against hacking, maintaining system integrity.

HKC’s focus on leveraging advanced technologies to enhance intruder detection capabilities demonstrates a commitment to security and innovation.

User-Friendly Operation and Management

HKC Intruder Alarm Systems offer a seamless experience for property owners seeking a blend of security and convenience. The systems are engineered with user-friendly interfaces, granting straightforward installation and operation, complemented by the proficiencies of mobile management.

Easy Installation and Use

The installation process of HKC Alarm Systems is designed to be straightforward, to ensure that property owners and professional installers can implement the system with minimal fuss. The keypad interface is intuitive, allowing users to control the system with ease. Regular tasks such as setting and disarming the alarm can be performed with just a few presses on the keypad, which is a central element of the SecureWave wireless platform used in HKC systems.

Remote Monitoring via HKC App

Owners of HKC Alarm Systems can monitor and control their security setup remotely through a dedicated HKC App. This application turns smartphones into powerful remote controls, enabling property owners to arm and disarm their systems from any location with an internet connection. The capability to check the system’s status in real-time through the app adds an extra layer of convenience and reassurance.

Function Description Device Compatibility
System Arm/Disarm Secure property with a tap Smartphones
Status Check Real-time updates on security status Smartphones
System Adjustments Tailor settings as per user preferences Smartphones


Notifications and Alerts System

HKC Alarm Systems are equipped with a comprehensive notifications and alerts system. Users receive immediate alerts on their smartphones whenever the alarm is triggered, providing timely information to take appropriate action. Moreover, the system maintains an activity log which can be accessed through the app, allowing users to review and share any significant events. These automatic notifications act as an additional layer of security, ensuring that property owners are always informed of their system’s status.

By maintaining a focus on ease of use and accessibility through remote monitoring, HKC Alarm Systems instil confidence in property owners, regarding the security and management of their premises.

Safety and Compliance Standards

HKC Intruder Alarm System

HKC Intruder Alarm Systems provide a robust framework for property security by integrating life safety devices and adhering to stringent safety standards. They are part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, an Irish-based manufacturer, ensuring a legacy of quality along with peace of mind for users.

Life Safety Devices

HKC offers life safety components such as carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms as part of its comprehensive safety solutions. These devices are crucial for early detection of potentially life-threatening situations, enabling prompt evacuation and emergency response.

  • Smoke Detectors: Early detection of smoke, signalling potential fire hazards.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Monitors the presence of this odourless, colourless gas to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Certifications and Quality Assurance

To maintain high standards of quality, HKC systems are installed in compliance with the European Standard EN50131, which superseded the former IS199 standard.

  • EN50131: Current European standard for intruder alarm systems installation.
  • IS199: The former Irish standard for intruder alarms.

HKC and ASSA ABLOY Group Standards

The ASSA ABLOY Group, which includes HKC, is recognised for its commitment to innovation and excellence in security solutions. With a focus on Irish-based manufacturing, the standards uphold not only national regulations but also align with broader industry standards to provide seamlessly integrated security systems.

  • Quality Manufacturing: Assurance from the ASSA ABLOY Group’s reputation.
  • Technological Innovation: HKC’s alignment with ASSA ABLOY’s ethos of continuous improvement in security systems.

Support and Aftercare

MJ Flood Security, on behalf of HKC, provides a comprehensive support structure.

MJ Flood Security, on behalf of HKC, provides a comprehensive support structure to its customers, emphasising dependable technical backup and reliable after-care services. These provisions ensure that users can maintain optimal performance from their HKC Intruder Alarm Systems.

Site Visits and After-Care Service

HKC confirms the absence of direct installation or maintenance services but encourages customers to contact their professional installers for any operational or maintenance needs. These services typically include:

  • Site visits for assessment and troubleshooting.
  • Tailored after-care service plans depending on the system and user requirements.
  • MJ Flood Security┬ábased in Dublin, and eight regional branches in Athlone, Belfast, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Sligo, Waterford, and Wexford is a business that provides these services for HKC systems.

HKC’s support and after-care infrastructure are crucial to the longevity and efficiency of their alarm systems, offering peace of mind to their user base through a network of trained professionals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about HKC Systems

In addressing common queries, this section explores the advantages of HKC intruder alarm systems and examines their features and reliability.

Why HKC?

HKC produces a wide range of intrusion devices designed to detect potential or actual breaches in security. These devices commonly fall into two main categories: Perimeter protection, which includes Contact or Shock sensors, pinpointing attempts at forced entry through doors or windows, and Trap Protection, like motion sensors (PIR), detecting the presence of an intruder.

The most effective security involves a blend of both approaches: Perimeter protection fortifies the property’s boundaries for early detection and warnings of intrusion attempts, while Trap Protection, inside the building, offers additional security measures.

How do HKC intruder alarms enhance home security?

HKC intruder alarms serve by detecting unauthorised entry, promptly triggering alerts which deter potential intruders. With a portfolio including both wired and wireless options, their systems can be tailored to secure various property types.

What are the top features of HKC burglar alarm systems?

Top features of HKC systems include wireless connectivity, compatibility with various communication modules, and a range of detectors. They also provide life safety devices within their product offerings.

How does a HKC alarm system contribute to peace of mind?

By allowing remote monitoring through the HKC App, users can supervise their HKC Intruder Alarm Systems from anywhere, which contributes significantly to peace of mind. The app’s compatibility across Apple, Android, and Windows Phone platforms ensures accessibility for all users.

What makes HKC alarm systems a reliable choice for homes and businesses?

HKC’s reputation for dependable intruder and life safety solutions is grounded in their reliable hybrid and fully wireless control panels. Moreover, they produce a variety of compatible devices ensuring system integrity for both homes and businesses.

How do HKC alarms compare with other leading burglar alarm brands?

HKC alarms are known to offer competitive and innovative features that hold up well against other leading brands. A comprehensive analysis would be based on the particular products and should take into account unique security requirements.

What functionality does a HKC intruder alarm offer for user convenience?

For user convenience, HKC alarms feature easy-to-use interfaces, remote control via compatible smartphones, and versatile installation options that accommodate diverse settings. Their systems can be serviced or upgraded by licensed installers, affirming long-term usability.


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